Disney’s Wartime Films

August 28, 2015

[SOM #133]

The Disney specials continue with parts 6-11 covering the period between 1942 and 1949 when, due to World War II the studio held off on major animated features and instead focused on cheaply produced package films designed to foster relations with South America and keep their struggling animation house afloat. 

It's an odd bunch, comprising Saludos Amigos, The Three Cabelleros, Make Mine Music, Fun and Fancy Free, Melody Time and The Adventures of Ichabod & Mr Toad. Virtually none of these are remembered or cherished and on listening to this episode you'll understand why. Daniel Floyd shoulders the majority of the appraisal this time. 

Next episode, Disney goes all-in as they put all of their money and resources into seeing if the world wants another story of a fairy-tale princess. 

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