February 26, 2014

[SOM #56]

This is the third and final show, discussing Firefly and Serenity. 

Time to cover the 2005 movie that closed out the TV series. Take a journey with us on the final flight of Serenity, a superb, funny, clever, emotional and mostly ignored Sci-Fi cult classic, destined to travel on and find new audiences, decades and even centuries into our future.

Joining me in this last stand Leah Haydu and Sharon Shaw of DorkCast, Matt Ramsey of DorkCast and Dorktunes, Gary Blower of GameBurst and Joshua Garrity of Cane and Rinse.

Stick around to the end for some goram hilarious outtakes and a wonderful version of the Firefly Theme from Michelle Dockrey entitled "Mal's Song".

Next week, we begin the epic, podcasting saga of The Lord of the Rings with a prologue show examining the books and animated films.