Back to the Future Part III

January 9, 2014

[SOM #9]

The third and final Back to the Future review podcast rounds off the trilogy.

This Western take on time travel is, at its core, a tender love story concerning a reclusive scientist meeting the first woman who takes a genuine interest in both him and what he does. There's also a flying train.

James Batchelor and Neil Taylor of GameBurst join me once more to sing the praises of this, the sweetest and possibly most epic of these movies and examine what elements make this a prequel of sorts.

We shall return next week with a Christmas-themed new series of films.


Back to the Future Part II

January 8, 2014

[SOM #8]

The second portion of the Back to the Future review podcasts, this time tackling Part II.

Neil Taylor and James Batchelor of GameBurst join me once again.

After last week's brain-melting discussion on theoretical time travel we take more of a look at the movie's production, the hurdles that Bob's Zemekis and Gale had to leap to get this sequel made, the nightmarish tangent universe and the fascinating occurance, unique to this film alone, of going back to the events of the original and expanding upon them. 

This is possibly the least beloved of the BTTF trilogy and we're here to talk about why it might be the most clever and inventive of the bunch.



Back to the Future

January 7, 2014

[SOM #7]

After the resounding success of the Star Wars review podcasts I decided to carry on talking about my favourite movies for the foreseeable future.

This week we kick off a new trilogy maybe more dear to my heart than even Star Wars: Back to the Future.

Neil Taylor of GameBurst returns once again and we're also joined by Giles Thomas of the DC Community.

The focus for this first one is actually the brain-bending complexity of the multiple timelines featured in the Back to the Future Trilogy, the theories laid down and the fantastical science behind it. There's also a range of movie facts and easter eggs to watch out for the next time you watch it.

As promised; here is the link to the exclusive 2009 2CD complete score for the first film.